SNL Cancels Morgan Wallen's Performance After Party Videos On TikTok

SNL Cancels Morgan Wallen's Performance After Party Videos On TikTok

Morgan was supposed to be the musical guest on this weeks SNL show but he released a video on social media stating that since videos surfaced of him partying and kissing multiple girls on tiktok, he broke COVID-19 protocol and can no longer be apart of the show.

He does in fact confirm that he did NOT test positive for the virus and that he may take a little break from social media to work on himself after the bad publicity. He's aware of some of the negative comments online about what surfaced and apologized to everyone, most importantly to his fans for not being able to represent country music this week.

"My actions this past weekend were pretty short sided and obviously affected my long term goals and dreams. I'll take ownership for this. I apologize to SNL and my team. On a more personal note, I think I have some growin' up to do. I think I've lost myself a bit. I tried to find joy in the wrong places but it's left me with less joy."

After digging a little on twitter, there are a lot of fans that say they lost respect for him, most notably because he has a child or that he wasn't wearing his mask in most videos. Others were jealous that they weren't the ones getting to hangout and party with him. 

There are a thousand ways to look at this but there isn't really any proof that he is a bad father, even if you think that what he did was careless. 

Fans are all over social media begging to hangout (or marry) Morgan Wallen and we all know he see's this based on the amount of posts he likes on twitter most days. Personally, it would be great to go out and get drunk and hangout with fans like he did, even though I may have not kissed that many women in one night. But still, he broke COVID-19 protocol for SNL and has to accept and deal with the consequences of his actions.

Look forward to hearing new music when this is all said and done. By the way, if you happen to read this Morgan, go work on yourself if that's what you feel you need to do as stated in your video, but just know most of your fans still love and respect you and hey, it'll only boost streams when that double album comes out. Internet posts don't always speak for the majority. 



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