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Luke Grimes
Luke Grimes


Luke Grimes Continues To Impress With His Latest Release, “Hold On”

The “Yellowstone” star is gaining more credit as a musician with every new release.

Well-known actor (and now country artist) Luke Grimes, released another brand-new song on Friday. This latest track, titled “Hold On” is the third song Grimes has put out following his debut single “No Horse To Ride” in December of 2022.

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“Hold On,” tells a story from the perspective of someone who shies from commitment and finds themselves hard to be with. It’s a warning to a potential romantic interest not to get involved, or they’ll wind up hurt. The first verse begins with Grimes singing the hard-hitting lyrics “Hold me, and I don’t recommend that you adore me/If you do, don’t say I didn’t warn you/Trust me, I know how to start a fire from a flame.” It’s no secret that relatability is key for a song to be successful, and “Hold On” easily checks that box. Even Luke Grimes revealed he fell in love with the song when he heard it the first time, saying “it’s a familiar feeling, the fear of falling too deeply.”

“Hold On” was written by Foy Vance, a songwriter from Northern Ireland, and produced by Dave Cobb before Grimes made the song his own. While Luke Grimes didn’t write this one himself, he executes it perfectly. It’s only one of two songs on his upcoming album that he didn’t write himself, and it fits seamlessly with his previous releases, “No Horse To Ride” and the heart-filled ode to his home state, “Oh Ohio.”

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Specifics of this upcoming album are still largely unknown, but fans have been speculating that it’s right around the corner. This makes a ton of sense, especially since Luke Grimes is set to make his debut performance as an artist on the last day of Stagecoach on April 30th. He’ll take the stage at the iconic California music festival alongside several well-known artists, including fellow Yellowstone actor, Ryan Bingham. Grimes is also scheduled to perform as a special guest at Montana’s Under The Big Sky Festival in July, and is apart of the Auburn Rodeo lineup in Auburn, AL this coming fall.

Luke Grimes’ days as Kayce Dutton aren’t over yet (hopefully), but it’s clear his music is his current line of focus. “My resolution is to get out and share some live music with y’all this year,” the actor and rising artist told fans in a New Year’s Day Instagram post. With his debut album confirmed and plenty of upcoming performances on the horizon, I think it’s fair to say Grimes is pretty on track with his 2023 goals. The release of “Hold On” is further proof that fans can expect big things from Grimes in the months ahead.

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Listen to Luke Grimes’ brand-new track “Hold On” HERE:

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