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tyler braden, neon grave
tyler braden, neon grave


Tyler Braden Drops EP “Neon Grave” And I Can’t Stop Listening

With Morgan Wallen consuming every headline in country news this weekend, anything else has been easy to miss. Unfortunately, several other artists’ projects have been overlooked, and Tyler Braden’s “Neon Grave” is a perfect example.

Tyler Braden flies pretty under the radar in Nashville, but he isn’t new to the game at all. He’s shared the stage with plenty of icons including Brooks & Dunn and Brantley Gilbert, who he opened for on tour back in 2021. His most recent release titled “Neon Grave” is a 6-song EP that came out Friday, and it’s so. Insanely. Good. I can’t say it enough. While he’s best known for songs like the deep-cut “Try Losing One,” I have a feeling “Neon Grave” is about to quickly take its place.

Tyler Braden’s one of those few and far between artists who check alllll the boxes for me. Unlike others in today’s country scene, he has a good balance and variety to his music; there aren’t many of his songs that sound the same. And the songwriting talent is un-freakin’-real. It’s a bold statement to make, but honestly…I don’t think he has a bad song.

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If you appreciate a little rock undertone in your country music, you’ll dig the title track of this EP. And if you’re a fan of Brantley Gilbert or even early 2010’s Jason Aldean and Eric Church, add “Neon Grave” to your playlist and thank me later. (You’re welcome.)

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